Storing Classic Straight Razors: Safeguarding Your Worthwhile Assortment

For a supplier and collector, I take terrific pains to safeguard my razors. On the other hand, most elderly razors were being created from high-carbon metal. This presents a singular challenge into the collector, buy a straight razor because the additional carbon leaves the metallic extremely susceptible to rust and corrosion. So why on the planet would the great the greater part of razor makers make blades away from high-carbon steel that may be dipped in h2o everyday? Though my suspicious nature qualified prospects me to believe that “planned obsolescence” may well happen to be a factor, the greater possible purpose is that the additional carbon in steel enabled the bladesmith to make a sharper edge that stayed sharp for a longer time – important to your very good shave and much less returned razors. Reduce carbon steels honed up a lot quicker, but experienced a a lot less strong sharp edge.

So how rapidly can a carbon steel razor rust? Effectively, there are times, if I wasn’t thorough, that a few stray droplets of h2o remaining with a razor between honing on 1 stone and a further, remaining shiny orange rust spots about the blade. Yes, it might come about in minutes. I have usually recommended my consumers to maintain their razors Outside of the washroom, apart from while shaving. The humidity will rust them needless to say. But I want to concentrate this piece on how to keep your selection safely for many years. This may be far more of a problem than you think. I preserve all my razors out inside the open up air on shelves. Retaining them away from enclosures can make them less likely to build up drinking water from any dampness that occurs to become during the air (regardless that I retain a dehumidifier working in the area 24/7).

When you’ve got razors with celluloid handles, keeping them out of enclosures also will help to restrict the problems to neighboring razors need to the celluloid from one razor’s tackle start off to decay. That a person blade are going to be a goner, but its neighbors will likely have a very good potential for surviving. Should they were being enclosed inside of a show situation, the whole contents could wind up rusted. It is usually handy to help keep the blades coated that has a protectant. I use Tuf-Glide and at times Renaissance Wax, but superior issues happen to be stated about pure mineral oil, gun oil, WD-40 and also Mobil-1 (although I see that these latter choices can gum up a blade). At first, I saved the razors on unfinished wooden planks. But then, fearing that any material made use of from the creation of the wood could possibly injury the metallic, I very carefully lined them with green felt. I gently rested the razors on them and peaceful. Finally I had been secure! Suitable?


I went to choose up a razor one other day to shave with it and, to my horror, it had been stuck towards the felt with the backbone. I checked the opposite razors within the shelf plus a quantity of them ended up ALSO caught. And when i pulled them off, I saw orange rust! I had been just horrified. I could uncover nothing at all on the net about felt triggering rust. I am able to only assume that there can have been a little something from the manufacture with the fabric that reacted with all the carbon in the metal. That is definitely a person rationale which the collector really should intently study their prized items frequently, regardless of exactly how much work they put into guarding them.

Fortunately, I caught the condition in time and was capable to remove the area rust with 0000 steel wool. It was also fortuitous that the rust was constrained for the fringe of the spine rather than the shaving edge. Rust or corrosion within the shaving fringe of a razor can render the razor unfit for shaving. What exactly did I do (aside from taking away ALL my razors with the felt cabinets right away)? I required to locate a materials that would have certainly NO chance of reacting with carbon steel. Soon after a great deal of exploration, I arrived at two materials: acrylic (the type that museums use of their showcases) and plate glass. These products, my study explained to me, wouldn’t respond to your carbon metal in my razors (knife collectors: I think this could use to knives in addition).

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